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Are you looking for a contract paraplanner that’s a cut above?

At Mutual Plans, we pride ourselves on providing clients with accurate, detailed and compliance-focused SoAs, delivered in a timely manner. In addition to SoA creation, we offer pre-and-post SoA services, so that all your pressing paraplanning needs are covered.

We know every practice is different, so our paraplanning services are flexible. Some adviser practices like to package up all three services, so we provide an end-to-end paraplanning solution for a set fee. Others like us to handle both the Preparation and Creation phases to zero in on compliance and risk mitigation.

Whatever you choose to do, know that our paraplanning services are on-demand, customisable and scalable.

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Mutual Plans’ Paraplanning Services



Perhaps your in-house team lacks the specialist knowledge to produce a compliance-heavy BID. Or maybe they don't have the time, nor the capacity, to conduct the in-depth research & modelling you require. Whatever the reason you need support, our team can step in to prioritise compliance and fast-track the advice creation process.

This can include:

  • A case-by-case discussion with you, the adviser, to ensure recommendations meet the licensee requirement and are in the client's best interest.
  • Product research to determine the recommended product and discount alternative products. Includes cost and features comparison to ensure the client doesn't lose major required features due to product switching.
  • Pre-SoA modelling to determine the recommended strategy and discount alternative strategies, so you can formulate an appropriate plan for your client's best interests.
  • Best Interest Duty (BID) working paper writing to help you meet the advice process compliance requirements and centralise the information.



Need advice documentation? Mutual Plans has you covered from the simplest to the most complex multi-strategy SoA. We’re experienced in using 6+ advisor platforms—including Xplan, Plutosoft, midwinter, Coin, AdvisorLogic and Advice Intelligence. We also have a rush service option available to help you hit your most pressing deadlines.

This can include:

  • Document production, including Statement of Advice (SoA), Record of Advice (ROA), Strategy Paper and Modelling Paper
  • Customised or licensee-complaint template (we’ll always work to enhance the template to suit your needs.)
  • Conducting compliance key checks internally
  • Communication with the financial advisor on information accuracy and clarifying any compliance issues. Ours is always a collaborative approach designed to ensure we produce the most accurate documentation possible.



This is the ideal add-on service for when you want to keep every step of the back-office process under one roof (ours!)—or when you’re in a busy season of business, and your administrative team is overloaded. Let us handle advice implementation for you.

This can include:

  • Obtaining and preparing any application forms required to implement the advice.
  • Lodging any application(s) on behalf of you/your client.
  • Following up on the application(s) until implementation is complete.

(Please note, this is not a stand alone service, it must be added onto #1 or #2)

Why Mutual Plans?

Document Review

Every document is quality-reviewed — we have strict procedures in place to ensure all documents delivered to clients are of the highest industry standards.

Secure Portal

Requests managed via our secure portal — There, you can submit requests and monitor progress (although we’re always on the end of the phone too). This way, communication is clear and centralised. So you’ll always know where your work stands, when you can expect it, if you need to provide additional information — and never feel in the dark.

Data Protection

Data protection prioritised — With cyber and security risks on the rise, we take additional measures to protect your client’s data. This includes using MFA on all our email and cloud files accounts; securing data in Sharepoint with multiple layers of protection—and giving only your assigned paraplanner and the paraplanner peer-reviewing their work access to your data.

No Minimum

No minimum request requirements — You only pay for the paraplanning services you need, when you need them.

Compliance Expertise

Proven compliance expertise — None of our documents have failed at audit since Mutual Plans launched in 2016, and we consistently attain top rankings in auditing from PwC.

Dedicated Paraplanner

You will be assigned a dedicated paraplanner to your business — based on your needs/niche/location. That being said, as a larger team, we also have back-up so you’ll never find that work that doesn't get completed when “your” paraplanner is unexpectedly unavailable, off sick or on leave.

Australia Based

Australia-based — This means we understand Australian rules and regulations and stay abreast of changes. We also appreciate time is often of the essence for advisers, and being 100% onshore & on a similar time-zone to clients allows us to react faster to changes and requests.

Ready to get started? Think we’d make a good partnership?

Getting started is easy: Simply contact us for an initial consultation. We’ll book a call quickly and get on the phone to discuss your paraplanning needs and ensure our approach is a good fit for your practice. If it’s full steam ahead, you’ll receive our price guide, be swiftly onboarded, and can move forward with your first request!

Got questions? Contact us and ask away. We are here to answer them.

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