Expert Paraplanning Services in Sydney, Unlock Business Value With Mutual Plans

Mutual Plans offers expert paraplanning services for any licensed financial planner who wants to save time, strengthen their documentation, and navigate audit season with confidence.

  • Our paraplanners are experienced and possess a deep understanding of Sydney's financial landscape.
  • We offer personalised Sydney-centric planning
  • We focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • We have a proven track record of success in Sydney
  • We promise a total commitment to quality and compliance
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Are you looking for a financial paraplanner in Sydney that’s a cut above?

At Mutual Plans, as your leading Sydney-based financial planning firm, we understand the needs and challenges of financial advisors and help them by delivering expert contract paraplanning support.

We pride ourselves on delivering accurate, detailed, and compliance-focused Statements of Advice (SoAs) in a timely manner.  This allows you to focus on client relationships and business development, while we ensure your SoAs meet the highest quality standards.

Outsourced Paraplanning

Our Comprehensive Contract Paraplanning Services Include:

  • SoA Creation: Our experienced paraplanners in Sydney craft meticulous SoAs that clearly outline your client's financial situation, and investment strategy, and enable you to make personalised recommendations. With exacting attention to detail, we ensure all information is accurate and compliant with relevant regulations.
  • Pre- and Post-SoA Services: We go beyond SoA creation to offer pre- and post-SoA services that allow us to draft compelling reports to support your client consultations.
  • Flexible Engagement: We understand that every practice has different needs. Our contract paraplanning services are flexible and customisable.
    • End-to-End Solution: Some advisors prefer a complete package. We offer a cost-effective end-to-end paraplanning solution encompassing all three service phases: Preparation, Creation, and Implementation.
    • Compliance and Risk Focus: As your paraplanners, you can be sure that our strict adherence to compliance standards minimises your risk exposure.

Benefits of Choosing Mutual Plans for Your Contract Paraplanning Needs:

  • Experienced and Professional Sydney Paraplanners: Our team boasts extensive industry experience and holds relevant paraplanning certifications, with a deep understanding of Sydney's financial landscape.
  • On-Demand Services: Our paraplanning services are available on-demand, allowing you to scale your support up or down as needed.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: We offer competitive rates for our paraplanning services, ensuring value for your practice.
Sydney Outsourced Paraplanners Mutual Plans

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Mutual Plans' Outsourced Paraplanning Services:
Streamlined Support for Busy Sydney Advisors


Preparation Phase - Prioritise Compliance, Fast-Track Advice Creation

Does your in-house resources lack the specialised knowledge or capacity to handle compliance-heavy Statements of Advice (SoAs)?

Mutual Plans offers comprehensive quality paraplanning services in Sydney to support busy financial advisors. Our experienced team can step in to streamline your workflow and ensure your SoAs meet the highest quality standards.

The Preparation Phase of our professional paraplanning services focuses on meticulous preparation and in-depth research, allowing you to confidently move forward with SoA creation:

  • Client-Centric Strategy Development: Through a case-by-case discussion with you, the advisor, we ensure that your recommendations not only meet regulatory requirements but also align with your client's best interests.
  • Product Research and Comparison: Our team of paraplanners, with a deep understanding of investment options in Sydney, conduct thorough product research. This includes identifying the most suitable product for your client's needs, exploring alternative options, and comparing costs and features to ensure no essential features are sacrificed.
  • Pre-SoA Modelling: By utilising advanced tools and techniques, we perform pre-SoA modelling to assess the viability of your proposed strategy and explore alternative scenarios. This allows you to formulate a well-rounded financial plan that aligns with your client's best interests.
  • Best Interest Duty (BID) Working Paper Creation: Our team assists you in crafting a comprehensive BID working paper. This document plays a crucial role in demonstrating compliance with the advice process and centralises all relevant information.

By leveraging our expertise in the Preparation Phase, you can free up valuable time for client consultations and business development activities.


Creation Phase - Expert Drafting and Tailored Documentation

Once the groundwork is laid through the Preparation Phase, Mutual Plans' contract paraplanning services transition seamlessly into SoA Creation.  Our experienced team in Sydney possesses the expertise to craft clear, concise, and compliance-focused SoAs, regardless of complexity.

We Cater to All Needs:

  • Simple to Multi-Strategy SoAs: Whether you require a straightforward SoA or a comprehensive document outlining a complex multi-strategy financial plan, our professional paraplanners possess the skills and experience to deliver exceptional results.
  • Platform Proficiency: We are adept at working with a variety of financial advisor platforms, including Xplan, Plutosoft, Midwinter, AdviserLogic, and Advice Intelligence. This ensures seamless integration with your existing systems.
  • Meeting Your Deadlines: We understand the importance of timely delivery. That's why we offer a rush service option to meet your most pressing deadlines and ensure your clients receive their SoAs promptly.

Note: While a rush service does complete work in an incredibly quick time, we do not compromise the quality or accuracy of our work.

Encompassing All the Essentials:

 The SoA Creation Phase of our professional paraplanning services covers all the essential elements for a high-quality document:

  • Comprehensive Document Production: We produce a range of critical financial planning documents, including SoAs, Records of Advice (ROAs), Strategy Papers, and Modelling Papers. This ensures your client receives a clear and comprehensive overview of their financial situation and personalised plan.
  • Customized or Licensee-Compliant Templates: We leverage our expertise to craft SoAs that not only adhere to regulatory requirements but also align with your specific licensee's compliance guidelines. We can further customise templates to enhance clarity and better suit your needs.
  • Internal Compliance Checks: Our team conducts meticulous internal compliance checks on all SoAs to ensure they meet the highest standards and minimise potential risks.
  • Collaborative Communication: We believe in a collaborative approach. Our paraplanners maintain open communication with you, to verify information accuracy and proactively address any compliance concerns that may arise.


Implementation Phase - Efficient Advice Execution

For financial advisors in Sydney seeking a truly comprehensive solution, Mutual Plans offers an optional Implementation Phase as part of our registered paraplanning services. This service is ideal for:

  • Streamlining Your Back-Office Workflow: If you prefer to keep the entire back-office process under one roof, partnering with Mutual Plans allows for a seamless flow from initial preparation to final implementation.
  • Managing Busy Periods: During peak business seasons, your administrative team may be stretched thin. Our Implementation Phase frees them up to focus on other pressing tasks while we handle the application process for your clients.

Seamless Execution:

The Implementation Phase encompasses the following key tasks:

  • Application Acquisition and Preparation: Our team efficiently obtains and prepares all necessary application forms for implementing your client's financial plan.
  • Application Submission: We act on your behalf or your client's behalf to lodge all relevant applications with the appropriate institutions.
  • Proactive Follow-Up: We ensure a smooth application process by actively following up on applications until complete implementation is achieved.
Sydney Paraplanners Mutual Plans

Competitive Contract Paraplanning Rates & Flexible Engagement Models

  • At Mutual Plans, we understand that cost-effectiveness is a major concern for financial advisors seeking contract paraplanning support.  That's why we offer competitive contract paraplanning rates and flexible engagement models to suit your specific needs.

    Transparent Pricing:

    We are committed to transparent pricing. Contact us today to discuss our competitive rates for paraplanner support, including:

    • Preparation Phase Services (e.g., case-by-case analysis, product research)
    • SoA Creation (tailored to document complexity)
    • Optional Implementation Phase (application processing & follow-up)

Why Mutual Plans?

Document Review

Every document is quality-reviewed — we have strict procedures in place to ensure all documents delivered to clients are of the highest industry standards.

Secure Portal

Requests managed via our secure portal — There, you can submit requests and monitor progress (although we’re always on the end of the phone too). This way, communication is clear and centralised. So you’ll always know where your work stands, when you can expect it, if you need to provide additional information — and never feel in the dark.

Data Protection

Data protection prioritised — With cyber and security risks on the rise, we take additional measures to protect your client’s data. This includes using MFA on all our email and cloud files accounts; securing data in Sharepoint with multiple layers of protection—and giving only your assigned paraplanner and the paraplanner peer-reviewing their work access to your data.

No Minimum

No minimum request requirements — You only pay for the paraplanning services you need, when you need them.

Compliance Expertise

Proven compliance expertise — None of our documents have failed at audit since Mutual Plans launched in 2016, and we consistently attain top rankings in auditing from PwC.

Dedicated Paraplanner

You will be assigned a dedicated paraplanner to your business — based on your needs/niche/location. That being said, as a larger team, we also have back-up so you’ll never find that work that doesn't get completed when “your” paraplanner is unexpectedly unavailable, off sick or on leave.

Australia Based

Australia-based — This means we understand Australian rules and regulations and stay abreast of changes. We also appreciate time is often of the essence for advisers, and being 100% onshore & on a similar time-zone to clients allows us to react faster to changes and requests.

Ready to Streamline Your Workflow and Enhance Client Service?

Mutual Plans offers a consultation to discuss your specific quality paraplanning needs and how our Sydney-based team can help you achieve your business goals.  Contact us today and let's unlock the potential of your financial planning practice together!

Got questions? Contact us and ask away. We are here to answer them.

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