Struggling with compliance, research roadblocks and SoA backlogs?

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Struggling with any of these common problems in your financial planning firm?

1. You spend what seems like far too much time documenting the advice process via BID working paper writing. And after all that work? Often it doesn’t quite meet the compliance requirements, which seem to be getting increasingly stringent.

2. Product research and plan analysis is becoming too time-consuming. You’ve not only got to complete product research to find a suitable offer for the client, but you’ve also got to research other products to discount as part of the SoA. On top of all your usual work, that time delays the advice creation process.

3. You spend a lot of time modelling different scenarios before you decide on the optimal financial recommendations and strategy—particularly for complex clients and situations.

4. You need paraplanning support, but you can’t find a paraplanner that provides top-tier work. Maybe you need support with SoA pre-work, have complex modelling to do, or just need straight forward work executed efficiently consistently.

5. You’ve got data-gathering, research and advice documentation backlogs—far bigger than your in-house advisory, administrative and paraplanning team can handle.

If you’ve experienced these problems, you’re not alone. We’ve heard time and again from advisers looking to engage our team and provide support with these very issues.

It’s why we structured our paraplanning services the way we do: to help eliminate and alleviate these headaches and roadblocks in the advice creation process.

If you’d like to connect and chat through your paraplanning needs, advice creation frustrations or roadblocks—and how we could potentially help you resolve them, please drop a message on the Contact page.