Financial Advice Association Australia (FAAA) Roadshow

Mutual Paraplanning Photo

Recently I had the privilege of attending the Financial Advice Association Australia (FAAA) Sydney Roadshow, and what an insightful experience it was! As a committee member of the Sydney chapter, it was an honour to be recognised alongside my fellow key members by the Chair during the opening remarks. The day was packed with valuable…

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Understanding the Collaboration Between Advisors and Paraplanners

Outsourced Paraplanning | Mutual Plans

With financial planning, the relationship between advisors and paraplanners is foundational. Advisors are the primary client contacts, responsible for understanding client needs and developing financial strategies. Paraplanners provide essential support, handling the detailed preparation of financial plans and research. Fine-tuning this relationship for maximum efficiency means more time for clients and less redundant work overlap…

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Essential Skills For Modern Paraplanners

Professional Paraplanner | Mutual Plans

As financial advisers look to scale up their operations and run with a maximum of efficiency, the role of a paraplanner is more crucial than ever. Partnering with the right professional paraplanner team frees up your advisers to interact with more clients, and delivers flawless accuracy with faster delivery times. To do their job well,…

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What makes a good paraplanner?


At a recent Business Network International (BNI) chapter meeting, the MutualPlans team had the privilege to share some insights on what sets us apart from other paraplanners. Here’s a snapshot of our presentation: Onshore Expertise: One key advantage that we have lies in our onshore team. Why does this matter? Because it ensures speed, seamless…

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Onshore vs. Offshore Paraplanning: Which is Right for your Firm?

As the founder of onshore paraplanning firm Mutual Paraplanning Services (MutualPlans), I’ve received several inquiries from advisers about outsourcing offshore vs. onshore—particularly as paraplanning becomes more challenging due to the current labour shortage. Which is best? As with most things, it depends! This blog breaks down some pros and cons based on my own observations…

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