Onshore vs. Offshore Paraplanning: Which is Right for your Firm?

As the founder of onshore paraplanning firm Mutual Paraplanning Services (MutualPlans), I’ve received several inquiries from advisers about outsourcing offshore vs. onshore—particularly as paraplanning becomes more challenging due to the current labour shortage. Which is best? As with most things, it depends! This blog breaks down some pros and cons based on my own observations…

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Advisers Still Recognize the Benefits of Gearing

Is Geared Share Investing Picking Up? Following the GFC, many advisers held back on giving gearing advice, with widely publicized failures of leveraged investors and products. However, in recent times, clients themselves are increasingly prompting their advisers to use gearing products. According to Anglicare Australia’s 2023 report, tax concessions are contributing to the popularity of…

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Viewing Retirement Planning as More than Money

According to the recent ‘New Life Old Life’ report by Fidelity International, four in five pre-retirees either currently receive financial advice, have received advice, or would like to receive advice. Financial advice yields both tangible and intangible benefits, and can enhance well-being in retirement. We have some data and insights that may help financial planners…

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Planning for Success: In-House Paraplanner or Outsourced Paraplanning?

The demand for financial planning services is expected to grow by 30% by 2024. Whilst this is good news for financial planners, servicing this demand poses challenges. Financial planning firms compete not only for clients but also for talent. Many are facing high rates of employee turnover across the board, particularly for paraplanners. This becomes…

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4 Tips to Work Effectively with Outsourced Paraplanners

Find Contract Paraplanner

With the historically low number of financial planners in Australia, it is said that each financial planner will need to increase their serving capacity from an average 50 to 100 clients. To facilitate this it is crucial to minimize operating costs and to outsource operations that can work without reducing the quality of service. More…

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