Financial Advice Fees

Quality Assured Services

There seems to be an ongoing battle over how financial advisors should be paid. Broadly there are three main approaches, outlined below. A fee-for-service model involves a fee based on the time and expertise required to provide the services. This fee structure is often broken down into an hourly rate, fixed fee, or a retainer…

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5 things to consider in financial planning M&A

About Mutual Paraplanning

In recent years, many financial planning firms have struggled to meet their business goals. Things like changes in legislation, increasing costs and the global pandemic have put extra strain on practices everywhere. Because of this, some business owners feel stressed and explore their options. One thing some consider is merging their business with other like-minded…

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Paraplanning changes flagged with the Quality of Advice Review


The Quality of Advice Review (QAR) is recommending the removal of statements of advice (SOAs). Many paraplanning professionals have shown a concern for their future job prospects, given SOAs cover a large part of a Paraplanner’s work. Despite paraplanner fears, many leaders in the financial planning space feel that the future couldn’t be brighter for…

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Struggling with compliance, research roadblocks and SoA backlogs?

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Struggling with any of these common problems in your financial planning firm? 1. You spend what seems like far too much time documenting the advice process via BID working paper writing. And after all that work? Often it doesn’t quite meet the compliance requirements, which seem to be getting increasingly stringent. 2. Product research and…

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6 questions to ask when choosing your outsourced paraplanner

Mutual Plans Testimonials

If you’ve decided that outsourcing your paraplanning is the right decision for your business, the next step is selecting who you will work with. When hiring a paraplanner, not all are suited to every financial adviser firm, so you need to be discerning. And with a range of service providers available, you may need help…

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